Momofuku Milk Bar

After swearing that I would not participate in SantaCon this year after the miserable time we had last year, I eventually gave into temptation and still ventured out to the land of drunken Santas. I had a lot of fun with friends both new and old, but I think I will always prefer dessert over alcohol. Here are some cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar. Enjoy!


Blueberry & cream cookie


I actually really like the corn cookie. The name sounds weird, but it’s like cornbread’s cousin, and cornbread is delicious.

Momofuku Milk Bar
Multiple locations

Afternoon treats

Yesterday, I wrote about feeling sorry for myself about my sprained ankle. What I neglected to write about was all the blessings that this experience opened my eyes to. Fortunately, it’s not a fracture, just a really bad sprain. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who have been so kind and lovely to me these past few days. Thank you for being my first responder and getting me bandages. Thank you and you for stopping by with ice packs and socks and a much needed hug. Thank you for keeping me company and bringing me sweet treats, ice packs, and DVDs. Thank you and you for cheering me up with laughter and stories and even more cookies. Thank you for letting me work from home. Thank you for being my water girl. Thank you to friends who have endured looking at gruesome pictures of my foot (It looks like a purple and green watercolor hehe). Thank you to everyone who have sent me texts, emails, and chats of well wishes and prayers. It’s been a blessed weekend.

With all the sweet treats that I now have stashed in my apartment, I thought I’d do a post on afternoon treats that have become more or less a daily habit during the workweek. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, my office is located right above a number of decent eateries and quite a few bakeries.


Joe’s has the hands down best coffee in walking distance of my office. Plus, they carry baked goods from the Doughnut Plant and Ovenly. Ovenly’s salted chocolate chip cookie is my favorite out of the pastry case, and yes, I have tried nearly everything they have in there. See how bad this is for me?


Financier has some hits and misses. I’m not a fan of their macarons, madeleines, or financiers. I am a fan or their croissants, scones (nutty and almondy), and their little cakes and tarts. I just took a bit out of this yummy lemon crumble tart.


Ok, so this one wasn’t purchased during work, but it was still an afternoon treat. Macarons from FP Patisserie with a cup of black tea to help rejuvenate my energy for the rest of the workday.

Various locations in NYC and Philly

31 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Various Locations

Francois Payard Patisserie
1293 3rd Ave (btw 74th and 75th) New York, NY 10021

Bryant Park Holiday Market

Merry merry Christmas! Wishing everyone many days full of cozy blankets and Christmas cheer!

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d share some snapshots and eats from the Bryant Park Holiday Market.


Even though everyone’s Christmas shopping is done, the market is open till Jan 5, so you can still pick up some goodies to pamper yourself or perhaps for some post-Christmas gifting. The gorgeous skating rink is open till March.


The park is lined with at least 100 different vendors, selling anything from handmade jewelry to earmuffs and gloves.


Just wandering around and window shopping is a lot of fun.


See? Pretty displays of pretty necklaces.


Next, you can check out that skating rink…


…which can get crowded, so be prepared for that.


And after you’re all tired out from the walking and skating, check out some of the many food vendors. Hong Kong Street Cart has a simple menu of 6 items: 2 noodles, 2 buns, fried oysters, and tempura shrimp.


The pork belly noodles is their version of Chinese zha jiang mian, with minced pork belly, five spice dried tofu, and cucumbers. I like this interpretation. The noodles are springy, and the sauce is lighter without compromising on flavor.


But don’t forget dessert!


Head to Max Brenner for some chocolate therapy. They sell chocolate syringes, hot chocolate, and…


…their O.M.G. chocolate chip cookie. Super warm with melty chocolate chips! These are huge and good for sharing, although it’s fine if you want the whole thing to yourself too. That’s what I would do.

Bryant Park Winter Village

Hong Kong Street Cart

Max Brenner