Grace Street

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s cold outside, perfect weather to curl up with warm blankets and…some piping hot Korean desserts?


Grace Street is a coffee shop in Koreatown that has a beautiful interior of luxurious couches and wooden tables. Plenty of natural light streams in from the glass enclosing in the front. Lots of people were here catching up with friends or studying. Their specialty is Korean doughnuts (ho-dduk) which they explained to me were filled with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts.


I almost burned my mouth not realizing that the doughnut comes out really hot. It’s crispy on the outside with a ooey melty center. Yums! This was quite sweet, which was unexpected for an Asian dessert. You can also order it with ice cream, which sounds like an amazing combination.

Grace Street
17 W 32nd St (btw 5th and Broadway) New York, NY 10001

Szechuan Gourmet

My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. This meal at Szechuan Gourmet is yet another example of how I over-ordered and over-ate. It’s so hard to make choices though, which is how I fall into this pit of gluttony.


Braised cellophane noodles with minced pork. The Chinese name for this dish is “Ants and Trees,” a very literal depiction of what this dish looks like. I’ve never seen such a soupy version of this, as it’s usually a dry dish. It’s extremely spicy and delicious, although I still prefer a drier version which lets the noodles be more chewy and the pork actually stick onto the noodles.


Then we have a classic stir fried shredded potatoes. The key is the crunchiness of the potatoes and a dash of vinegar.

At this point, we were getting kind of embarrassed because we still have one more dish to come out, and this was a lot of food already. I clearly have no idea of what is an appropriate amount for 2 people.


This pot was so big, we couldn’t fit it on our table! Now it’s full blown embarrassment – I couldn’t even look the waitress in the eye. Two minutes later, I said who cares? It’s all so yummy! Fish fillets and pig intestines in a chili broth with napa cabbage, cellophane noodles, and a bunch of other veggies. All that redness is no joke – the spice level is through the roof!

Needless to say, I took a lot of leftovers home.

Szechuan Gourmet
21 W 39th St (btw 6th & 5th) New York, NY 10018